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Sketch 4: Unknown Sketch 4: Unknown

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's nice

I was just wandering around NG looking for artists I used to follow here, saw you had a new thing up and I couldn't resist checking.

As the title said it's nice, but there's alot of work , not only if you wanna make a song out of this, but also on the sound of your wobble. Too much reverb imo :) and 'bigness' can often be obtained by compressing your basses and doing a clean mixdown rather than adding more reverb to everything (which will only take up more space in your mix ^_ ^)

Good luck with the project !

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mr-jazzman responds:

Lol obviously there's way too much reverb. I kinda did that on purpose. =P Compression is nice, but it can also screw with your mix too if you use it too liberally. I think the best tone comes with proper mixing; get those drum tracks to come out at the same level as your wobble, and then keep the sub layer down to JUST the point where you can feel it (because too much sub can make your song sound muddy).

I just feel there's not as much work as you imply. Honestly, I could probably clean this up in about 2 minutes lol. =P

Thanks for the input though Reignee, always have appreciated it!

Howling Electricity Howling Electricity

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

soundin good

it's off to a good start, i'm missing some bass underneath your synths though, but the sounds are cool

If you got some time, check my newest dubstep tune 'The Grind remix' :)

LavitzSlambert responds:

yea, I dunno, like I said I didn't know what to do with this song anymore XD

glad you liked it though ^^

off to check your song now ^^


Eliminate Eliminate

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

sounds good

I like how it starts off slow , and then goes into hard wobbles ! Your drums are abit quiet but not much that can't be solved ! sound very good for your 2nd dnb song


If you'd wanna check out my newest dubstep tune 'The Grind remix' and leave me a thought? :)

DJRois responds:

yeah, thanks for the review, and of course I'll listen up to your song, I <3 Dubstep! =D

Crom - Earthquake [Dubstep] Crom - Earthquake [Dubstep]

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I'm not on monitors right now , so I have no clue if there's subbass (if there is totally ignore this first comment :p ) , but i had the feeling your whole tune was just abit too midrange, if you get what I mean.

The equalizing of your bass could also use some more work, so that it sounds 'cleaner' , where there is still alot of unwanted noises right now, which are drowning your kick drum.

Coming to the drums, your snare sounds fat as hell , but again could use some equalizing to make it sound even better. Your kick is a little bit unprocessed and needs more punch to it, if you want the effect of a dancefloor smasher that is ;)

Sorry if this all seems to break down your whole tune, I think it's got alot of potential but needs more work! I make dubstep myself, feel free to listen to some of my tunes and drop an opinion, I'd love some from fellow dubstep producers!

Keep by all means producing , I'll keep on checking on your newest tunes for sure!

CRomDayLeR responds:

ye, the kick could be punchier, I already tried to equalise it so it would be a smasher, but it hasn´t got that hard so I just left it like that so I wouldn´t mess it up.
The snare is already equalised very hard :D and I thought it was enough for it.

the bass is equalised so damn hard xD.
Oh and there´s subbass, a lot :D.

But I think I will leave it like that.

of course I will listen to some of your tracks as soon as possible.

Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX Iron God: Sakupen Hell Yes RMX

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing intro

I'm a huge fan of intro's that tell a story and build up toward a point that you're really sitting at the tip of your chair or with your hands in the air for at least half a minute. When your drop came I was slightly expecting 'more' , mostly because I heard the bass in 'Reflections' already. A pauze of some kind may be in place for the drop to have more impact.

Masteringwise it is way better, but I'm gonna review this again when my laptop is back from the repair shop and I can listen on a decent setup.

I liked the fast paced wobbles alot , they reminded me somewhat of Bar 9's typical basslines, but still different. But with such wobble speeds your basslines often come too distinct from your drums, which I'm kinda hearing here. Your drums need some EQ'ing so they don't get drowned aswell, or that might just be my sucky sound system right now :)

All again an extremely nice tune, I'll be downloading this and using in my next set , it mixes perfectly with my own latest tune, Which is drumstep to dubstep and was uploaded a week before yours, so I beat you to that :p Feel free to listen to it and give me an opinion, I'd love one :)

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mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks for the genuine review Reignee! I feel you on that pause before the drop, but remember that this was made for a music video, and I had to be very strict with the way in which it was created. Unfortunately, this means that, for some, the drop's anticipation needed to be sacrificed a little (although in my opinion, it still works out pretty damn well; the choir builds you up, and then the drums lead you right into the better than many of the drops that I've been hearing lately!).

Thanks for noticing the mastering job too! Working on the mastering from the ground up helps, doesn't it? I think you might be right about the drums getting drowned out a little, although this isn't as bad as you might think; the snare and kick, as well as many of the background percussive effects, are still very much intact. In this case, the EQing is fine; I think it might be the drum compression that I used, or perhaps the overall master I said, this one used some different compression, so this could account for some "incongruency in the sound." I'm gonna be looking at this track yet again soon, as I'm gonna try and edit it slightly, and then I will take a better look at the compression.

I'm also happy to hear that you'll be using this in your next set! =D Awesome stuff man, thanks a bunch!

Bahahaha! You only THINK you beat me! ;) I uploaded this one at the end of August, but then removed it. So this is a RE-upload, in a sense...I'd be more than happy to give your tune a listen...and I'll drop you a nice review! =)

Thanks again man, for everything! =)

Reflections &amp;gt;Remaster&amp;lt; Reflections >Remaster<

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Defo an improvement

but as stated below it gives too much piercing sounds at time. , and is lacking alot of low subs now. imo you still have a long way clearing this up all the way, but i'd go for it as the structure of the song and the concept is very very good! I especially liked the 2nd bass part with the more heavy, non 'talking' wobble, which went deep and hard hitting :)

So all together a brilliant piece of work, it just needs that extra refinement and here and there some db's down ;)

Glad to see actual good dubstep on NG though, your avarage NG dubstep producer just makes kick snare wobble wobble :)

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mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks for your review Reignee! This is probably the most important review that has come my way. You see, you and I are experiencing two different songs at the moment. On my end, there was absolutely plenty of sub bass (part of the mastering job I did involved adding an extra layer of sub bass underneath), so I know for a fact that there is's just that there might be TOO much sub bass now. I played this version in my car, and the sub was so insanely powerful that it almost detracted from the rest of the song.

What I think is happening is that I'm mastering it wrong based on my headphones, which have a huge bass response. I've been going off of the feeling of the bass in my headphones -- which sounds absolutely orgasmic on my end, but cannot match up to people that are listening through a flat EQ setting. The song itself is cleaned up quite a bit, that much I do know; but I feel like now I'm gonna have to start doing my mastering through the flattest headphones I can possibly find, because I'm adding too much bass (strangely =P). Of course, on your end, this makes it seem like there isn't ENOUGH bass, because you're hearing possible noise cancellation due to the extremely low frequencies that resonate throughout the song.

So, in essence, this single review is changing the way I will hear my music. I need to get some new headphones and stop listening to it bass-biased (at least in production...because I love mah bass! ;) ). I just think it's a strange dynamic that an uber-present sub on my end would seem weak through your stereo! =P

And I agree completely with everything you said. My mastering skills have come a long way since I actually went ahead and produced this song, and there were some things that I tried to correct (but I couldn't correct all the way because then it would sacrifice the integrity of the song). So, please go ahead and listen to some of my stuff coming out in the future if you want to get a good taste of some of the newer sound that I've got coming -- or, you could listen to my drumstep remix of "Hell Yes," which also hits extremely heavily in the sub, so I won't be surprised if you think it's weak there, too. =P

Thanks again Reignee! I will try to address this problem in the future -- something that is minor IMO (not as big as you think), but absolutely necessary for producing great music! =D

This wil never work! This wil never work!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Hey man thanks for checking my tune, I'm totally not familiar with the whole techno scene so i'm gonna give you a producer's point of view :)

+ The drums sounded very tidy, nice & crispy
+ your melody you use in your main part sure is nice, enjoyed it

- Your bass has some sort of harsh rumble, which is a shame because the actual bass sound is nice
- the sound of your main melody seems off from time to time, i know it might be the intention, but it doesn't always sound that great ;)

There you got some + and - , hope I was of some use. Overall it's not my style, but it's well produced and therefor I give you a 5/5 :)

killerhoofd responds:

thanks man!!

i will change it then because i believe you :D

J+Ø: SCKR(Low) &amp;gt;Master&amp;lt; RD2010 J+Ø: SCKR(Low) >Master< RD2010

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Heavy stuff broski

I liked it alot, heard some basses from Reflections but recycling's good for the world ;)
Two points: mastering, Once your bass drops in stuff gets way too distorted creating an aweful lot of noises. The second are you drums, they seem to be drowning underneath all the bass cruelty that's going on, try some EQ'ing/layering. Apart from that , it's an amazing tune , Good job!

mr-jazzman responds:

Thanks Reignee, always good to hear from you! Thanks too for the pointers. I finally realize some of the things that I was doing wrong, and have been trying to correct them in my recent tracks. While I don't think I've gotten my mastering down to perfection, I think I've been able to get the drums out in a more killer fashion now. Nice too that you noticed the formant bass again. ;) I think I'm gonna turn it into somewhat of a trademark...even though others use it too...but not quite like I do ha! >D Thanks again man, glad you liked this un!

Watch This (WIP) Watch This (WIP)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Once again

I like....

Alot :) GJ man nice chilled out feeling to this, agreeing with everything jazzman said below

It's Goin Down It's Goin Down

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Fockin hell

For your first finished Dubstep tune this is pretty damn solid. I like the flow alot , it's got a nice swing to it along with the bass that fits well. Your kick could use some low freq's (around 100hz) and some punch.